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They are a bit narrow for 1/20(they are meant to be to 1/22.5 scale), but they can be mixed.

First thing I would do is re-fit them with metal wheels if they do not have them. They can easily be painted with a brush, make the inside of the gondola a dirty 'earth' color, and then add some dark gray over that to add more dirt, do not use black as that is too strong by itself, and endeavor to get the color depth uneven.

Acrylic paint is cleaner, (no smell, wash out in water, though when dry it is waterproof) but enamel (wash out in solvent = a smell) has a harder finish I find (in the UK) a coat of matt varnish will finish the color and protect any new decals you add.

Use a flat brush, and get a good one for the first (color) paint finish, BUT get the cheap (white bristle - intended for kids or oil painting) for the weathering coats as that will wreck brushes!

Don't for get the metal wheels, dirty those up before fitting them, and use the same shades on the underframe.
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