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Here's an updated list (8/10/2020) of some of the remaining pieces in Peter's collection:

** I have lowered the prices AGAIN on many items for quicker sale. I will do the best I can to answer questions but I can not easily check details since I have an 1 1/2 drive to get to where most of the equipment is located. Please help out the widow if you can. ***

List #1

1. Accucraft Forney, very good condition have pics, $450,. wood box, green/brown version.
3. SOLD.
10. Sold
14. SOLD.
27. SOLD.
28. Accucraft Ruby,0-4-2 Wood cab, wood box. $350.
29. SOLD.
33. SOLD.
34. SOLD.
37.Aristocraft 040, have pics, original box, $399.
38. Aristocraft Mikado, undecorated, orginal box, have pics, $599.
42. SOLD.
46. Bowande Porter, original box, pics, $395.
52. Bowande Porter live steam, brand new, original box, manuals, -nice little engine!-pics, $399
54. SOLD
58. SOLD
60. SOLD
62. Aristocraft 040 with propane tank in box car, pics, $495-have pics.
63. Mamod, O gauge set, loco and 3 cars. have pics, $150.
64. Aristocraft Mikado, undecorated, have pics, $599.
66. Aristocraft Mikado, Great Northern, RC?, $650-have pics.
67. Accucraft Ruby, have pics, $299.
70. Accucraft Ruby, $299.
71. SOLD.
73. Hornby Stephenson Rocket, in original box, $150.
74. Sold
75. Sold

New Adds:

80. HO live steamer, paperwork, syringes included, $150. Have pics.
81. Accucraft Forney? Lots of Parts, I need to I’d..have pics. Offers?
82. Sold
83. Accucraft Ruby, nice, wood box, have pics.,$395.
84. SOLD.
85. SOLD.
86. Graham industries steam engine 2 cyl, TVR1ABB, fully assembled, $225, have pic.
87. Sold
88. Accucraft Ruby Kit, $400, new, have pics.
89. Aristocraft Vanderbilt tender for Aristocraft Mikado engine ( has all the same guts as original), $275.
90. Accucraft Brittania boiler, $250, pics.
91. SOLD.
92. Accucraft steam oil, a number of bottles, $4 each.
93. SOLD.
94. SOLD.
95. Bowande Falk. Original box, engine looks very good. No pressure gauge $450.

List #2. Best guess on most of this...Kits are largely untouched and look new. Pics not yet available but will get upon request.

R4. Hartford Box Car kit, $140.
R6, Hartford kit Quincy & Torch lake Rock Car, $50.
R9. Kalamazoo work car, $20.
R10. USA Box car, Lima Shay, metal wheels. $60.
R11 Bachmann Xmas Street Car, $50.
R12. LGB mix: log car, Kalamazoo Box car, $35 each.
R15. LGB 40170 ore car, $20.
R16. Sold
R17. LGB 20680 Rail truck, $90.
R18. SOLD.
R21. Sold.

R26. SOLD.
R27. SOLD.
R29. Sold
R30. SOLD.

B1. Henderson's General Store Kit, $55.

New Adds:

R31. SOLD..
R32. SOLD.
R33. SOLD.
R35. Midwest steam model kit VI, have 5, $65 each, pics...they don’t make these any longer—great for starter vertical engine,
R36. Sold
R37. Accucraft Zerolene tank cars, (3), different numbers, $90 each, $260 for all, pic.
R38. Sold.
R39. Maine Central 3D railroad art plaque, $30, have pic.
R40. Accucraft C21 #361 cab, $60. pic.
R41. Precision scale brass trucks, $30 each..at least 8 in total.

Please email me at sdimaggio at ameritech dot net with any questions. Any item with agreed on price plus shipping goes to Lori.

Please mail checks to:

Lori Hospel
7311 S 37th Place
Franklin, WI 53132

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1. Accucraft Forney, very good condition have pics, $475. wood box, green/brown version.
There are some really nice locos in this collection at very nice prices. My Forney-owning pal reckons this is a really good deal.

I have 2 of Peter's locos and both are in excellent condition. This one looks really good also.


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