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"Must have hit a flock of geese."

TOC you may have something there. Goose grease is really slick. The cars could have started slamming from one rail to the other until either a wheel flange or a rail broke . . . And Then KA-BOOM!

Kidding aside, back in the 1970's when I worked for Mack Trucks, there actually was an entry in the specifications for differential casing oil that called for a certain percentage of "edible goose tallow." Steam cylinder oil still uses animal fat in it. Before petroleum lubricants became common, steam locomotives were lubricated with melted animal fats (mostly from sheep, I think). That's why the oil cups, the oil cans, the oil pots, and the firemen who tended to them were known as "tallow pots."

David Meashey
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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