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Unexpected Cash, How to split

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Unexpected cash is coming our way.  Its not enough to pay off the house or the mortgage, etc..  

I was thinking I should split it evenly with MB, and remove it from the checking account so it doesn't get used up for regular stuff.  Problem is this:  We are in the midst of a change with Luke.  MB is planning to go back part time, but that'll mean a pretty big hit to our income this year.  I have a friend getting married in Sonoma later this year, two family trips in the summer, and my sister's wedding in DC in December.  
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Mark (& everyone),
I once had a co-worker whose theory is to ask the wife if it was OK to buy a fishing pole or a fishing boat. Ask for two things and usually you will always get one of them. Sometimes both! This never worked for me with the first wife but once I got the "starter marriage" done with and re-marreid I've never been happier and hopefuly she says the same about me. she keeps buying me "treats" so I must be doing something right? Her last bonus was spent on "us" so I can't complain.

my coworker actually got both eth fishing pole and the fishing boat that year. The following year they got a bigger boat. The year after that they again traded up in boat size. then they had a second child and moved to a larger house with an inground pool and the boat sat. Go figure! LOL!

We invested in a larger more "period" looking canvas tent for the medieval event that we camp for two weeks at. So from camping in a 10 x 20 "porta-garage" to a 12 X 16 Trader style tent with an 8 x 12 awning that can also be walled off for a separate second "room". We are defintely tent camping in style now.

MY profit share check is already spoken for though. It'll be going towards the Shed for the trains and the deck for the pool.

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