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Unexpected Cash, How to split

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Unexpected cash is coming our way.  Its not enough to pay off the house or the mortgage, etc..  

I was thinking I should split it evenly with MB, and remove it from the checking account so it doesn't get used up for regular stuff.  Problem is this:  We are in the midst of a change with Luke.  MB is planning to go back part time, but that'll mean a pretty big hit to our income this year.  I have a friend getting married in Sonoma later this year, two family trips in the summer, and my sister's wedding in DC in December.  
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Way out of the range.  Talking like about $1000.


I forwarded this message about good luck if I forwarded it to everyone in my address book.  Or wait, was it the one where Microsoft was going to pay me if I did a survey?  Either way. I  got notice that the check is on its way!! Too bad it is in US Dollars.  Would prefer it be in gold bullion! Harder to split up evenly, though. 


Thanks for your input!  I decided to take half and save for upcoming trips.  The other half will be split 50-50 and each can do with their half as they please.  This worked out well!! 


I don't think she reads these forums.  But she knows what I am gunning for!!  In fairness, she's been sharing her bonuses with me for years! She's in sales, and when she wins stuff, I usually benefit!  

Tac - my sister's wedding is non-negotiable!! Never a question we were going to go to that!  The wedding that looks like it is very questionable is a friends in california.  My sister's getting married in DC, about 2 hours drive. 

Art - It would never cross her mind to throw me a bone or a boxcar.  One of the few times it happened, it was because the boxcar said "Pittsburgh Steelers".  Its not that she thinks the trains are a waste of time, but that there are more important things to be spending our $$ on.  Sometimes I agree. 

Thanks again to all of your input!

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I like that idea!!!! Sometimes it works that way for me.  Sometimes I think it is too much information, and she'd rather I just went ahead and did it, rather than deliberate about it.  In this case, everyone involved is satisfied.  She's talking about using her share of the loot to take a trip with her sister and her aunt to see family in Ohio.  That means I will also get a small 'home' vacation for me!

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