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Unexpected Cash, How to split

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Unexpected cash is coming our way.  Its not enough to pay off the house or the mortgage, etc..  

I was thinking I should split it evenly with MB, and remove it from the checking account so it doesn't get used up for regular stuff.  Problem is this:  We are in the midst of a change with Luke.  MB is planning to go back part time, but that'll mean a pretty big hit to our income this year.  I have a friend getting married in Sonoma later this year, two family trips in the summer, and my sister's wedding in DC in December.  
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Well, over here in UK I'd say invest in a full tank of gas.

Or a couple of Double Whoppers.

In USA, well, I'd say that missing your sister's wedding could cause all kinds of recriminations down the line - after all, how many times will she get married?

It will be her special day, made even better if her bro is there.

My $0.02.

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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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