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Dear All - me and Broos had a two great days out playing trains in public, the first occasion last wednesady up at the base elementary school at Alconbury, and then again, last saturday at Sawtry old school, located in a large village here in Cambridgeshire UK.

On wednesday we set up two loops on desks in the library, and another one on the floor to get close and cosy with, and let rip with a goodly selection of both analogue and digital trains.

This was the stock list for an average running day out - apologies to those who expected to see more variety, but remember that we have to cart all our stuff around including track, and six controllers [including spares, just in case] with all their electric string -

Mine -
Accucraft K27 electric with Sierra sound and two cars - just to show off the difference between Colorado steam and
Bachmann Climax + Phoenix
Bachmann Shay + Phoenix
Aristo Dash 9 warpumkpin + QSI sound and Engineer trigger system [WOOOOOOOOOOT]
Aristo SD45 NP [Shawmut Custom Shop - beautiful job]
Aristo FA/FB Ontario Northland [John Burden custom paint - another beautiful job]
LGB SR&RL Forney + MTS - full sound
LGB White Pass Alco + MTS - full sound
LGB 'Otto' - nothing
and finally, my FIXED Aster/LGB Mike #73 [don't ask how much, or mention it again, please]

Broos -
LGB Sumpter Valley mallet + MTS
LGB Mogul + MTS
LGB Blue croc + MTS
Aristo ladybug egg-liner
Bachmann Shay + Phoenix
Bachmann street-car + shuttle system on a background track - v cute
Plus LOTS of log cars and a few other mixed consists for the other stuff.

By 11.30 the youngsters were coming in in droves, many with their humans in tow, and all had a great time, particularly those playing trains on the floor with the eggliner. One dad had no real idea that he could expand what he had to go around the Christmas Tree, and was amazed to see our rather poor little collection of trains. Another convert, I fear. ;)

As for last saturday at Sawtry, the weather was fine and sunny, around 25C most of the time, and in the hall we set up 15m [48.75 ft] of widely-spaced double track on some sturdy folding tables - one track for our LGB locos with MTS, the other - analogue - for our many locos without it.

The doors opened at 11am and within ten minutes it was ****. This continued nigh-on non-stop until around 3.30 or so, by which time we were both almost dead on our feets.

And hungry.

And thirsty.

Sawtry is a large village, with a high level of RAF families living in it. With a population of around 12,000 and growing, it's a pretty big village by any standards, and I'd venture a guess that we had prolly around 2000 visitors to the fete, maybe more.

We answered hundreds of questions, found another FIVE like-minded train enthusiasts who had not heard of our club, and had a number of invitations to go run on THEIR tracks as and when. We concentrated on telling interested folks that it was easy to get started for not a lot of money, even by today's exalted prices, and stressed the family involvement element of the whole thing.

As we had a dedicated professional photographer in the club, we were asked not to take piccies but to leave it all to him - in any case, I didn't have time to scratch my butt, let alone put a controller down to pick up a camera.

Another couple of great days out that cost nothing but our time and energy...


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Nice!! I think you are being a little modest with your locomotive lineup!! Those are some sweet engines!! Did you guys pull any trains or did you simply run your loco's light?

3 trains to monitor with 2 people is a lot of work!! When I had an open house last fall, I had 2 trains running and 3 engineers (and I wasn't one of the engineers!)

I think it is safe to say you didn't get any pictures?


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Mark - we had about twenty or so cars plus fifteen log skellies for the geared locos. We have only go small cars here - my M-B ML350 is not so big inside as you'd think and Broos has an older Ford sedan about the 3.4 size of a Taurus. Like i said, we didn't have very much at all.

It was enough to give folks a taste though.


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