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Hey Guys...here are a couple trucks I have bought in the past, and stumbled across again today...there are others avail, but I know these two look "pretty good" with my 45 Ton Switcher (Fn3, 1:20.3)....they are avail from the Hobby Lobby Online Store. www.craftsetc.com/

Sku# 794339

This metal wrecker would make a unique decorating statement in any room it is displayed in.
    11 1/2" x 4"


Sku# 795666
This metal black truck would make a great gift, collectible or toy.
    10 3/8"

they are NOT fine Scale, but look nice enough for the price....one could even use to bash into railtruck?

just food for thought!

a little big for a side by side w/ Annie, hope it looks good with her New Cab!


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Cale, the wrecker looks pretty good, especially if ya bash it a bit. I dunno about the other ones. Still, at $17.95...
I saw some nice trucks at the Anaheim, Calif show about a month ago--on sale by several vendors, but I fergit what brand they were. Maybe some of the other guys know. As I recall, they cost in the $30 range.
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