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Posted By Steve Stockham on 06/09/2008 9:32 PM

One of our WAGRS members, Phil Weller, constructed a nice 180 degree trestle which was a focal point for his layout. It was constructed in early 2005. Three weeks ago, I became aware that Phil was moving and was not going to be taking the trestle with him to his new house. After learning that the new owners were planning on scrapping it, I asked if I could have it. The elements had taken their toll and the bottom two inches of the tallest trestle had to be removed. Many of the footings had rot and would need to be reinforced. My plan is to repair, restore and upgrade the trestle so that it will be able to be used in a permanent display planned for our club at the Wichita Botanica Gardens. In order to transport the trestle I had to break it into three separate pieces. The wood was extremely dry and brittle so I made the decision to use a stain to bring back some of the vitality of the wood. I opted for a more Redwood color as this color seems to even out the old and the new equally so that they all look pretty much the same. A sealing satin clear polyurethane coat helps keep the new stain protected from the elements. I was able to level the two largest pieces so they can be used on a less steep grade. I am going to add the cross-ties to the top of the trestle so that 8ft. dia. sectional track will fit right in as this was what the trestle was designed for.

What a great project !  We should all be so lucky as to stumble on such a find ! 
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