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Train Show on RDF TV!!!

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There is a train show on RFD TV (Channel 136 in Nashville, TN area on Comcast) called "Trains and Locomotives" everyone should be sure to check out and support. It is not like Extreme Trains. It seems to be a broadcast of old railfan videos but the quality is really good and the narrator is pretty somber. It has great shots of steam and modern and is not only informative, but accurate. If you guys get this channel, check into it, it is a pretty good show methinks. It shows trains worldwide as well, not just limited to the U.S. I've only seen 2 episodes of it but really liked it. Next air is going to be this Saturday on January 24th from 8-9 a.m. Central Time and will feature German Mainline Steam. Last episode was old Boston and Maine. I hope you guys enjoy it ^^


p.s. - The subject should say RFD TV as well, oops!
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I have caught that show a few times but its usually on at odd times. Its not one particular narrator but is usually just old railfan film and video footage. Sometimes its really good, sometimes not so.

I have been recording them for some time, more than a year. I have about 20 of them...

Also, look for a program called "Voyages" that are on trains often...

Regards, Greg
Have my DVR set to record all of these. The B&M one was really good, I thought. Seems like someone at RFD has gotten a hold of the Mark I video collection.
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