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You don't need to join anything or worry about the reputation of some unknown insurance company and its policies. If you have home owner's insurance (or something similar), you can easily get a rider on the policy to include hobby items--including model trains of any scale. The price is ridiculously low for coverage that will pay for full replacement value because you already have the basic policy paid for. As I recall my rider from a company that does business throughout the United States for coverage of a very large "collection" is about $1.50/month. Yes you may have to prove ownership in the event the item is stolen but that is no different from the proof you will normally need to collect on the theft of your wife's crown jewels. My rider includes all perils so if I take some of my locomotives and rolling to a train show for running, as I often do, any that happens that creates a loss is covered. If I try to pick up my USAT Big Boy and accidently drop it and destroy the frame, it's covered. Not a bad plan at all.
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