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Track on the ground...

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Ok I'm ready to start laying track outside but here's where my questions start. The garden area that I'm going to run in is brand new... as in I just removed the sod and added black dirt last month. After tilling up the ground and mixing in the new dirt should I water it down to compact it BEFORE I lay track or just lay the track and hope for the best? I plan on laying down landscape fabric to TRY and stop weeds, plants, ect... from growing up in my right-of-way and putting the track on that then adding balast. Anything else I should look out for or do?
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Posted By Madstang on 06/04/2008 10:12 AM

I added dirt and I stopped when I thought I had enough....I wish I would have added more because of settling. I used a hand tamper 8" x 8"....boy was that a lot of work. My suggestion since I have already done what you are going to attempt, is add dirt tamp. add dirt, tamp, add dirt, tamp. When you think you have added enough..add more because even if you tamp it down with a machine, you are STILL going to have settling...I don't care what anyone says! Where I added my new line, I brought it up to level with my brick retaining wall, and it is still settling down..even though I hand tamped it ALOT! I wish I would have soaked it each time in between the adding dirt and tamping. This would have helped with the settling...I would think. Good luck. Bubba

I plan to eventually start a new railroad line on the ground. Reading this and other posts has definitely given me pause . . .
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