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The gaskets used were OEM aster, but really any suitable fibre paper will suffice for a seal. Try getting Kraft paper from the local supermarket, which is recycled cardboard presses very thin. A lot of people use this as a wrapping for packages (comes in a large brown roll) or even to soak up the oil from cooked food. A brown paper bag does the job nicely.

I have also used graphite impregnated sheet, harder to find, but no leaking. The OEM aster gaskets are made of aramid paper, which has woven ceramic fibre. Over here our paper one dollar bill is made of good quality fibre, and they make a great gasket...although I'm not sure that the Euro/Danish currency is the same.

Never have used Viton before as a cylinder gasket, what is the maximum temperature rating. Superheated Gauge one engines produce temperatures in the cylinder chambers hot enough to turn steel blue.

You could also try just straight sealant, spread a very thin amount on two parts and place together. Make sure there is no excess inside or out.
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