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Tornado at speed through depot

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Hi all,

The newly built Pacific loco Tornado has now been painted in Apple Green, but before that it was out (at night) being tested; they had it up to 75mph from York to Newcastle, which passed through Durham City

Just a short You Tube video of it rushing through the center track is at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=jpXt7QX0NZM - it passed the test with flying colors by the way, and yes there was a disel on the rear, both as a back up and to add some weight.

There will be other short videos listed from this one: the terst runs had to be at night - in case it went wrong. They intend to have it up to 90 MPH if the can get permission.

Enjoy the scream of the whistle!
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That is simply the BEST sound in the world!!! The screaming whistle and BIG cloud of smoke from the sack make her a real beauty!! Thanks for making my day!
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