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To join or not to join?????

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Ok so i was thinking of upgrading to 1st class but there are a few problems holding me back. 1st web site is very slow now that the new site is up and running, i thought it was my computer but i tried a freinds and it did the same thing.  2nd seems like it is very hard to upload a picture to the site from us non computer freindly people, it would be nice to have a button to click and upload like the aristo site has..i know a lot of you people out there work on computers every day so it is easy for you to upload pictures and video's, but for me and i'm sure some others that are computer dummies it's not that fun to try to do. so in a nut shell thats my thoughts.......:confused:
Nick S.
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Posted By altterrain on 01/10/2008 5:07 PM
The only real advantage I can see is loosing the column of advertising on the left. If you have a nice big monitor, its not much of an issue.


I am not first class and have no adverts/problems?
Well, I used to be a 1st class member. I did send in a payment. I guess it got lost - or with the upgrade lost in translation. I will wait a week or two then check with Shad.
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