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Which locktite are you to use on the S-2? Is it 222 or 222ms. What is the difference between the two?
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Took me a while to figure out the difference between 222 and 222MS...

MS is the MIL-SPEC version and will cost 3 times as much.

Nice stuff, fur sure, but OUCH! Use the cheaper stuff.
The plain Loctite222 in the red plastic bottle
I thought you were going to ask how to get a thread locked on the forum...just ask about the LGB backruptcy, Bachmann testing practices, Aster vs Accucraft or posting something with a political bent, thats sure to get the thread locked...:)" border=0>
For the other stuff, Loctite is good stuff, if your doing maintanence and need to remove the screws be sure to use the workable loctite as the permanent stuff really IS permanant.
222 as recommended by Aster, or something else NOT recommended by Aster.

Your choice.:)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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