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So basically I want to go from this:

to this:
(image changed to link - exceeds 640 pixel max. width -K)

I'm not entirely sure i trust myself with this project ( basically destroying a perfectly good Dash 9!) but it would more than likely be one **** of a project if i did it and prolly end up in alot of pieces never done.

It looks like to do this right id need to: Add marker lights, rework the fuel tank, new trucks( prolly get away with new sideframes), numberboards moved down, headlight moved up, ditchlights should be lower and who knows what im missing, not to mention the repaint.

Does anyone know anyone that would do such a project?? I know theres alot of custom painters out there and kitbashers but thats kinda something Im not really good at and I've tried quite a bit at it! Any help or ideas are appreciated.

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Not much difference between diesels sometimes that set them apart unless it is a drastic change like the GP-9, and E-8, FA-1..or maybe cause I'm not a diesel man also?

Viva la narrow gauge!


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Hey Kevin,

The CR -8 is my favorite loco! So, I bought 6 undec -9s to convert :)" border=0> I started cutting up 3 of them atleast a year ago, but haven't had much time to work on anything lately. Although, last month I did make some rubber molds of some of the body parts to replicate and move around. And I ordered an Atlas HO scale CR -8 with QSI sound in it to play around with, which is a really well detailed and accurate loco.

Anyway, these are the changes I plan on making off the top of my head:
I cut out atleast an inch in the frame and body as the -8 is a few feet shorter, will lower the frame atleast 0.2" to get rid of the high stance look and add the frame I-beams to help fill in the gaps above the trucks.
The truck side frames definately need to be changed (Burl Rice built and casted side frames for his C30-7, so was planning on going this route). Fuel tank is shorter and a different shape. Also, there are less porch steps.
For the Cab, need to move the head light and number boards, and add markers and move the ditch lights. Also, the sand hatches come out in a different direction, and depending on the generation -8 you're modeling, the grabs on the top of the nose around the sand hatches may be a longer solid grabs. Also, on the firemans side of the cab, one of the doors there is configured differently. There's also some handles or hatches or something on all the doors on the cab that I cast off some other hatch.
The air conditioner has a little bit different details as well, mainly the vents, but there's a few versions of the A/C units as well.
Now, not sure what this air vent is, might be the engine air intake (the vent in about the middle of the loco after the 2 smaller vents)... this section is shorter (which is where I cut out the length) then the -9 and this vent is longer.
Now for the rear section, the rear doors are a different pattern and all the same height. The slanted vent also seems to be a little larger. And depending on the generation -8, the large top rear grills will have a different configuration and will be a little longer. Finally, there is something a little different from the rear direct view and the angles of where the top vent over hangs start, but it's hard to explain without seeing pics of it...
Oh yeah, then lower the stack and slap on a Leslie S3R and paint it big blue!!

Then a few other detail parts here and there....

Will get to it eventually!
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