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Sean, if you haven't already got one, set yourself up with a free YouTube account
; you can upload videos up to 1 GB. maximum file size & 10 minutes in length. Once you've uploaded the video (which CAN be a bit of hassle
in itself; I've currently got 26 videos up there, the last one took me 5 tries
to get uploaded properly!), you will see a box to the right of your video with your user ID, a "URL" to your video, & another one labelled "Embed". Just highlight the text in the "Embed" box (Make sure to do the ENTIRE string, which will largely appear to be gibberish!
), & hit "Control - C" on your PC keyboard to copy it. To post it here on MLS, hit the "YouTube" button on the MLS toolbar (a pop-up box will appear), & "Paste" the YouTube "Embed" code gibberish into the yellow field in the pop up box, then hit the "Insert" button at the bottom of the pop-up box. When you complete the post, you should have a video insert like this, which will "Play" when the > symbol in it is pressed:

I noticed your located up in Easton, MA; I'm not far away from you in Fall River. Just came in from plowing the driveway from last night's storm; we had a partial changeover to freezing rain
here. We only got about 2" of snow, but with a HARD, ICY CRUST on it.
Not even going to begin to try to plow out the railroad under those conditions!

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