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I've got a channel on The Train Network (courtesy of Bob Grosh who has been instrumental on getting me going on this).


I've got a virtual tour clip of stills along with a couple of overview clips of stills on creating cement scenery and painting same.

The channel looks better the more bandwidth you have. At my work it's great and very smooth. At home not so much with some minor skips. Anyway, stop by and let me know what you think. It's just three short clips at present which loop over and over.


that seems to be an interesting thing.
but i am afreid, it needs a better connection and a better pc, than i got.

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Yeah guy's we are trying to get more people to come and join us on our channels, and spread the fun. Come on over and check us out, get your own channel if you like we will help you if you are interested. Its fun, informational, and you can show off your creativity to the world in live virtual time, and introduce everyone to your personal railroads, tips, tricks, building skills, and anything else related to our fascinating hobby of Garden Trains. Here are our websites along with TJ's above. Come on in and join us Bob, J.c. myself, and Noel, and TJ are there at random times so check in often and come back often. I'm hosting an open chat nite live on Friday nites from 7PM mtn standard time until at least 10pm or later????????? The Regal

http://www.mogulus.com/crazytrainguyschannel The Regal Minatare Ne.

http://www.mogulus.com/theally Bob Grosh Tallahasse Florida

http://www.mogulus.com/riogram J.C. Jim Carter Wichita Kansas

http://www.mogulus.com/noelw California
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