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The return of narrow gauge.... on your street?

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Went looking for streetside photos of small railroad depots for a project I'm working on for the Slate Creek.

Google got a bit confused ....

What it came up with was this:


Somehow it tends to set off the George Orwell alarm in me, but it's an interesting approach nonetheless!

Matthew (OV)
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Isn't there an abandonded rail bed in your back yard? Why not advocate light rail along that? Then, you wouldn't have to walk 5 blocks, and you could also build your own shelter, possibly even covered walkway from your back door! Subsidize it by charging your neighbors a toll to cross your property under cover!

As far as that system goes, it would be fine for an individual commuting to work. What about families? I don't see that as a good mode for a mom with a kid and all the stuff she's likely to have (stroller, diaper bag, kid carrier, purse!). Just seems that it would only work for a specific type of traveler. Plus, all those rails in the ground, how are we going to get our road bikes through that? I would assume the vehicles would be smart type and would stop when pedestrians crossed the tracks, but removing that kind of human control would really scare me. I guess I prefer the risk of having a human behind the controls.

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