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I had the program ‘Threatfire’ on my PC: yesterday; I opened it as normal and the keyboard did not work. Nothing to say so, it was mouse only.

The error was code 39, never heard of it!

What had happened was that Threatfire had updated itself, BUT not told me, and that update contains three files that stopped the keyboard working. The operating files were still there but these files stopped it, in spite of it ‘working normally’ – it wasn’t! The new version is 4.1 I think

Look on the web and there are lots of entries re this.

IF you have Threatfire get rid of it as that is the culprit. It is now totally erased, and will not be going back, after the fix all works normally.
This is for information, and to assist anybody that has the same trouble as I did.

very interesting.
i had to remove a couple of days ago the program spyware doctor from pctools.
it insisted to accuse my Antivir from Avira to be a trojan.
seems, that pctools either is in trouble, or is causing trouble.
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