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RE: The Mother of all "busy-bodies"!!!!!!!

All I can say is, with all that firewood.... Hey Bevis hehehe Fire fire hehehe. (Dont) let her get to close to the fire hehehe she might get burned.......

Well I guess I got something else to say, go buy a old very rusty car/truck for about $200 and park it infront of her house, but remember to move it daily. That should keep her happy..... If you lived here, I'd let you borrow my pickup..... Then get the liscense plate of BIZEBOD and a spray painted arrow on the bumper pointing at her house...... Just have a place to hide it if any other neighbors has a house up for sale (you dont want to devalue the neighborhood by alerting potential neighbors to her presence).
Oh, actually I have a 3rd idea, watch her place for A dandylion to show up, call her city and complain about her spreading weeds to your yard (This is a tactic used locally by BIZEBOD's) as told to me by a city manager near me (thankfully I was not involved), but he gets that call regularly.....

Actually, trying to fight a bizebod is a losing battle, as those people do not have a life. If you want to be amused, notice a neighbor came home late and ask the bizebod about it, and she will more than likely tell you how often that happens, where that person was (in her opinion). Say something about someone left on vacation, and she will probably tell you what minute they left, where they are going, when they will be back, how often they go on vacation (oh and that neighbor said nothing to her about it).......
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