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RE: The Mother of all "busy-bodies"!!!!!!!

I had the reverse happen to me. Bought a house on 4 wooded acres in a somewhat rural area in the Finger Lakes of NYS. It was on a side hill and the only real neighbor I had was uphill about 50 yards and across the road. Nice older guy and his wife lived there.

After about 2 months, I hear this chainsaw running and it sounds like it's coming from my woods. Sure enough, there is the neighbor cutting down a live tree on my property. Remember, this is across the road from his place. I ask him what the yell he is doing. He replies 'cutting down some firewood, the land owner doesn't mind. I point to the 2 month old, two foot high, surveyor stake with the orange tape flying only 5' from him. Clearly he is inside my property. No way he could have missed it because the uphill land owner had logged his land at some time. All it had on it were pine trees. No way he didn't know..... And there were several other stumps nearby.

He sheeply says something like 'opps, sorry about that' and slinks back across the road. At least he had knocked down the tree for me. I cut it up the next year and used it for firewood.

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