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I had to go back to the archive of the old version of MLS to find the last postings on this..

Its now 6 years waiting for my BBT Mason Bogie drive..
Over one full year since the last update from Barry..

probably most of you have simply given up at this point..

Someone suggested, ages ago, that Barry simply finish the drives for the few people who gave him an "advance"
payment when he needed some funds for this project years back..
several people sent Barry $100 to $200 or more as an advance payment on their drive..
a few people actually got a drive, but most havent..

I would agree with the suggestion that Barry finish up the drives for the people who paid him some advance money,
since those people have already partially, or fully, paid for their drives..
regardless of where they stand on "the list"..
the list is meaningless at this point..
then simply cancel the remaining orders and call this thing finished..

Barry? what do you think?

I would still actually like to get my drive! :D
Im sure it will be great..
its just that *something* really needs to be done at this point..
there needs to be a new plan to finish this up..
I think its only fair to the guys who have paid that they actually get a drive..
"the list" clearly needs to be scrapped..


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If I actually someday receive my BBT drive,
I will have one of the laser-cut chassis kits to sell..

because I wont need two frames..
but I want to wait to see if the BBT drive might still appear,
because I already paid for half of it..

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