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The In-ko-pah Railroad

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Howdy! For a long time I was unable to post here, apparently that's been fixed so here I am!

Some of you already know me from LSC and other forums. Since January 2006 I've been transforming a steep slope in my backyard, into a rugged, rocky desert railroad I call the "In-ko-pah Railroad". The trackplan is basically a long dogbone loop folded into an overlapping "Z" shape. I haven't yet got all the track in, but I'm getting close!

There are numerous tunnels, bridges and trestles. -- all scratchbuilt. I only have a couple mining structures so far, also scratchbuilt. Eventually there will be many more buildings and mine.

I've just posted some new pics of the In-ko-pah Railroad, as well as some instructional stuff. Use the following URL to go to my In-ko-pah RR page:


Or use this URL to go directly to the photos:


The first photo shows the new miniature stone wall and curved, arch bridge at the lower west end of the layout.

The next two photos show my new ten-foot long trestle across Serenity Canyon. The third photo shows the stone abutment and wall at the east end of the trestle.

The fifth photo is looking west from the east end of the layout. In the foreground are the curved trestles I built in January. The next pic is another view of the curved trestles, taken shortly after they were built.

The seventh pic shows a passing siding on the upper level. This area had been unfinished for a long time, with the track only temporarily laid down, unballasted. I built a long, low miniature stone wall to separate the track from the pathway and to control erosion of the ballast. I also added a short spur track. The spur is level while the mainline and passing tracks run downhill towards the tunnel in the background.

I've added a new page showing how I built the miniature stone walls and stone bridges:


I also have a new "Events" page. It has a few photos from the San Diego Garden Railway Society meeting we hosted in February:


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seems, that a lot of work achieved a lot of railroad!
those photos really impressed me.

Your railroad is outstanding! I thought Ken Sommermeyer and I were the SDGRS rock people until you came along. We can't even begin to compete with your scenery.

For everyone else out there, the photos don't do the rockwork on Ray's railroad justice. I have never seen the amount of labor and dedication that Ray has shown with all that rockwork. I make my arch and viaduct bridges out of Precision Board, Ray uses real rock.

Tom Rey
San Diego
hey ray,

how are ya doing? Been a while since we chatted -- remember me? the insanerocketkid from AOL? ;)

how's the camera rockets doing?

your layout looks good! keep at it, and you'll do a great job!

mike walsh
Hi! Yeah, I remember you. I've had to cut back on rocketry for a while, to devote my time and resources to getting the layout going. I still plan to do some aerial photography flights during my vacation in August, as usual.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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