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The Vermont Garden Railroad Society held a special event at the final open of the season. We had the "Great Hopper Haul off". The idea was to create the longest hopper train ever run on the Camel's Hump Scenic Railroad. Members brought over 90 hopper cars to use. We held the guess the number of hoppers contest to raise money for the module club. After the contest we added lots of cars and engines on the point, at mid train, and as a pusher. This was a fun day and it did not go without a major derailment. It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed seeing the long train run.
Here is the link to pictures and a link to a youtube video. Enjoy. David Cozzens
The pictures
The video

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That's a lot of hoppers :) Great work. Looks like there were some derailments and other issues before you got the whole train going. Very nice!

Very nice video too! I like how the train goes "over itself". I'll have to keep that in mind for the next layout :)

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