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Hey Russ,

The kids and I really dig the book, I've been swamped with biz and home-school, but hope to write a real "review" sometime soon!

I will tell you my mother in law has been over to help with the fam a few days and she too says they want it read to them multiple times a day(I can attest to that as well)...

My M-I-L also was taken by the photos, I don't think she ever really "got it" in relation to GRR..all she has ever seen is a loop of track in the yard w/o buildings or plantings...she can't believe the scenery! (not sure what that say about me?)

In addition we have a DVD of GRR from the Left Coast and Eagle Wings (title escapes me) and while watching it the other day the boys kept asking "Did Jack build that RR?"

a few times I did recognize Jack V's RR and let them know....

It's been fun! I'm glad I stumbled over the book while shopping on Amazon!

1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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