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The Garden that Jack Built-Book

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just purchased this from Amazon, hope to receive later this week...anyone have it yet?



Photos by Russ Miller...where have I heard that name?
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Russ who? :)

As for Jack, is that a literary "Jack," or Jack Verducci?
"The Garden That Jack Built is both a lyrical poem and a visual adventure. Illustrated entirely with photographs of model garden railroads in Northern California and Arizona, this is a great book to introduce children to the fun and excitement of model railroading. In this book you will find it all: shiny steam locomotives, a little red caboose, a roundhouse, a tunnel, several kinds of bridges, and... More"

(From the link he posted.)

Maybe they should get some of these in the Botanic Gift Shop.
The Garden That Jack Built is my wife's newest book, written for 0-8 year olds, and the young at heart. Illustrated from my collection of photos from local layouts. 
Jack is indeed, Jack Verducci. From the first page of the book, my wife writes:

"There is something special about trains. As long ago as I can remember I have been fascinated by trains, especially steam trains. And what better way to enjoy trains every day than to have a garden railway to run in your own back yard! The Garden That Jack Built is a compilation of photos from a variety of layouts from Northern CA and Arizona. Many of these garden railroads have been inspired or influenced in one way or another by master modeler and "G-Scale" train enthusiast Jack Verducci. Jack is a founding member of the Bay Area Garden Railway Society. In 2008, the club celebrated its 20th anniversary. –J.I.M."

Russ Miller 

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Hey Russ, thought that might be you! and Jack as well....I ordered the book for my kids (yeah right) and think it shipped yesterday!

OK, OK, OK, ya shamed me into it. Now I gotta buy one, even with no kids. Besides, I only look at the pictures--except in Playboy, where I read the excellent interviews. :)
Joe, just so you know, my wife picked out the photos to best go along with her story and verse. She just went through my 1000's of photos and found what she needed. I didn't even know she was working on the book 'til she was almost done! 

Now she gone up and made herself a website! [url]www.pufferbellypress.com [/url] 
She's taking classes at the local college on website design .... and Yoga.



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Got it, We Love it....hope to work an official review this weekend!

Posted By joe rusz on 02/06/2009 12:13 AM

Yeah, but can she cook?

Joe, Why do you think I put on 70 pounds since we got married!
One of the best cooks ... ever!
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Ya gotta love 'em, Russell. I've put on about 40 since July 1969 when we tied the proverbial knot! No relief in sight, either. Around noon, this Canadian couple we met on a cruise, staying in our condo complex, invited us over to watch the sunset from their lanai. My wife said, "I'll just throw something together," so we are taking over these little chicken in dipping sauce thingys, along with a bottle of Guenoc Cab-Merlot.
My wife would like to hear what you guys think of her book ... Joe, did you get your book yet? It seems to be selling well.
Hey Russ,

The kids and I really dig the book, I've been swamped with biz and home-school, but hope to write a real "review" sometime soon!

I will tell you my mother in law has been over to help with the fam a few days and she too says they want it read to them multiple times a day(I can attest to that as well)...

My M-I-L also was taken by the photos, I don't think she ever really "got it" in relation to GRR..all she has ever seen is a loop of track in the yard w/o buildings or plantings...she can't believe the scenery! (not sure what that say about me?)

In addition we have a DVD of GRR from the Left Coast and Eagle Wings (title escapes me) and while watching it the other day the boys kept asking "Did Jack build that RR?"

a few times I did recognize Jack V's RR and let them know....

It's been fun! I'm glad I stumbled over the book while shopping on Amazon!

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Here are a couple of photos of my wife, Jenifer, thanking Jack Verducci for all of his wonderful contributions to the Garden Railway Community and presenting him with her new book. The photos were taken during the BAGRS Annual Meeting held at the end of February.



He was truly appreciative of the book and bought a few more for his grand kids. My wife sold out of the books that she had brought to the meeting.

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