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Very nice job Larry. My EBT #3 conversion also has the top windows covered. I used Phil Dippel's ball bearing conversion kit in the trucks.

With EBT cars 14 and 18 as guides,

Funnily enough, about the time I was finishing my coach, a pal with a laser asked about EBT combines that might be suitable for making some wooden replacement sides for the Accu coach. After considering #18 (done by Mr East Broad Top,) #17 (photos unavailable) and #16, (currently in NJ.) We chose the latter, as it was nearest in length (all three are different and none exact for the J&S underframe!) All of them look very like Larry's combine - not surprisingly.

I did a CAD drawing of the side fitting the dimensions of the Accu coach, (a slight longitudinal stretch,) and we discussed a few issues like the letterboard (which Larry cut out over the door as you can see in the pics.) Nothing happened on the laser, but I did print the drawing and tape it to my coach:

If anyone wants the CAD files, just let me know.
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