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The ALLY suspends operations.

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The center of tropical storm Fay is now about 40 miles east of the ALLY, an headed our way.

Due to windy conditions, debris fouled the mainline and blocked passenger train 2 on it's southbound route between Peach Falls and Mill Creek.

Heavy rains at the time prevented sending a crew to clear the track.

Operation will resume if there is a break in the rain long enough for the crew to remove some fallen limbs.

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Good luck Bob,

I hope Fay doesn't decide to park herself over you the way she did us. To say that there's a lot of water within her is a vast understatement. We've still got trailing feeder bands coming through.

If you're situated in even a moderately low lying area, I would suggest that you start getting things you don't wish soaked up high. There are plenty of places over here on the east coast that have 22+ inches of accumulated rain fall and a fair number that have 30+ inches. The poor people that live along the St. Johns river basin are going to struggle with this for weeks to come. Since its only got an average drop in elevation of around one inch per mile and all the water that Fay dropped around Melbourne and such will eventually have to flow all the way up to Jacksonville.
How are things going Bob, I hope things are still well with you and yours.
Glad to hear that so far there's no major problems for ya'. The lady (i.e. Fay) isn't in any mood for giving breaks (e.g. let up of rain). Like sheep this storm has only two speeds too, unfortunately they are GRAZE and STOP, there just isn't any stampede in it.

From about 1:30 PM till around 6:45 PM today we got hit with one of those trailing feeder bands being pulled up from out of south Fla. and the whole time it was a real heavy downpour. Most of the rain storms in the trailer bands are convection based so unlike the main storm you get the added benefit of lighting and thunder too. :D

Expect to have areas that haven't flooded in many years to get swamped with this one. Hang in there and I hope all stays well with you.

I bet over there at the Suwannee state park between Madison & Live Oak they're going to set another new high-water mark on the tree.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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