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Thankls for the help

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I was writing thank you notes for the family gifts when it occured to me that I had a lot of help from other steamers. I doubt I could have gotten as far as I have on the construction and tuning of my locomotive without the help of Hans Huwyler, his (and my) buddies Ross and Paul. Pete Comley was kind enough to send some pictures which were quite informative and exactly what I needed. Then there was the usual suspects of Mike Moore and Jeff Runge who always were willing to listen and let me bounce ideas off them. Not least of all Ryan and Charles - who even came through with a few key o-rings when I was out of town and at the last minute. Robert Hekemian was kind enough to direct me to a great fuel supply - and literally gave me the last of the special springs he had made for his Allegheny. And while I saved it for last, it is not least that I thank Bruce Price, who let me run around pulling my hair out when things weren't quite right, and jumps up and down in excitement with me when the are.

Thanks gentlemen. I really appreciate the help and support. Its what make the building and running of steam locomotives so much fun.

Warm regards - John

ps. I'm not finished yet. Be prepared for more harassment.
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Hey John, the way people try to help each other is one of the things I like best about this hobby and this Web Site. :)
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