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The following worked for me using...
Browser: MS/Internet Explorer v6.0.2800.1106IS SP1
O/S:       MS/Win2K v5.00.215 SP4

When you click the Size button on the Standard Buttons toolbar, the font size on the Web page you are viewing may not change. This behavior may also occur if you point to Text Size on the View menu, and then click any of the following settings:
[*]Largest [*]Larger [*]Medium [*]Smaller [*]Smallest [/list]

This behavior can occur if the Web page you are viewing specifies an absolute font size (either via the HTML code or a style sheet). By default, Internet Explorer does not change the font size on a Web page that uses absolute (instead of relative) font sizes.

To work around this behavior, configure Internet Explorer to ignore font sizes specified on Web pages:
[*]Start MS/Internet Explorer [*]Browser menu bar > Tools menu > Internet Options [*]General tab > Accessibility button [*]Click to select the Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages check box. [*]Click OK button twice. (1. to close Accessibility dialog, 2. to close Internet Options property page) [/list] Hope the above is found to be of use.

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Here's the cure for type size for those of us using "Mozilla Firefox"

Even simpler than MS IE........

Simply use...
"Ctrl +" to make the size larger....
"Ctrl -" makes the type smaller.....

Also these type sizes go up & down in a lot more increments than the stuff on MS IE..........
You're not just locked in to specific sizes.......

Ya an make the thing go up to where just one word, or letter, fills the whole screen............
if thas' wut ya need.......:) :)

Hope this Helps a Little........ :)

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Opera 9.25 has similar text size behavior.

Numeric keypad "+" key

Both work like the Firefox "CTRL +"

Replace + with - and get the same behavior.

* puts you back to the pages original font sizes.

I use the Numeric Keypad + key method.
Less frequently the - key.

Opera at the same time increases the size of any the page's pictures. This is VERY handy for my old eyes.

Opera up to this version, 9.25, also has other single key strokes I use ALL the time.
Z takes you back to the previous page, takeing the place of mouse clicking on back arrow click, or ALT left cursor arrow
X goes forward, or to the right, in a similar fashion

You may add these to your write up, too.
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