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Posted By joe rusz on 01/27/2009 2:56 PM
Pete, Peter Egan would be in tears, since he never met a Lotus he didn't like. He and I had a great time recently, working with the kids (that's the 30-somethings) on a story called "The 600 Club," which will appear in the April issue. If you see a car without a driver, that would be me, as they didn't provide booster chairs.

C Nelson, all of this began when Marc mentioned his new business, whose initials MG TC just happen to be those of one of the first sports cars imported into the U.S. at the end of WW II. TCs were kinda boxy with tall wire wheels and riight-hand drive and date to about 1948. The publisher of Road & Track Magazine where I goofed off for 30-some years, had hers on display in the lobby, next to her husband's Ferrari. Our building was quite a showplace back then, designed by Bill Ficker who was the America's Cup yachtsman of that era. To show you how forward thinking he was, the office even had a gym with his and her showers, which is pretty amazing for 1968.

Sorry to drag all you MLSers down memory lane, but inquiring minds, etc, etc.

Hey Joe, I get all of that but still I'm lost on the new biz? Driven a few MG's always exciting if not a little challenging!!
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