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As mentioned in another post, im looking for a tall hedge plant to make a "privacy screen"
but the catch is..it has to grow in quite deep shade. the area is along a chain link fence,
with maples and a big oak around. might get some direct evening light, as the sun sets.
but mid-day will be quite shaded.

My wife and I went to a Hydrangea class at the city garden center last night, and got a lot of
good tips on growing hydrangeas! One common variety that does well around here (zone 6) and will
take deep shade is 'Annabelle'..
I did some reading on Annabelle, and most say deep shade is fine, even for blooming,
but they only get 4 to 5 feet tall maximum..I want taller! ;)
I would like to create a hedge like this:


(I dont care about the color of the blooms..I think annabelle is all white, which would be fine.)

So then I did more reading, and came across hydrangea paniculata.
which I guess is a "peegee" ..a tree-like hydrangea:


but I dont think it will do as well in the shade.. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif
and being the "tree-type" it might be open underneath..I would like it full and dense to the ground.

so three questions..

1. how tall can Annabelle get? I think she is my best-bet for the shade.
2. Are there any peegees (tree-type) that can take the shade?
3. are all the peegees "open" around the bottom when mature?


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Not knowing anything about Hydra's do they stay evergreen and bushy all year or they they loose the leaves for the winter and become bare?

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