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yea... that is my concern... I have about 12 feet from the corner of my home to the back fence, but only about 4 foot of that is my property. There is a sewer line, gas line, phone line and cable lines all running through that. To make matters worse.... in the same corner of my yard I have the power company's distribution box, a phone company box and a cable TV, and a sewer manhole.

I have the same thing, except for the sewer, in the back of my yard. The only people to dig over the last 26 years were the telephone company. Cable installers are lazy, they don’t dig, just lift the sod and hide the cable under it. No wonder they have to come back so often.

The hydro people will not allow grade changes or anything else within 10 feet of the transformer box. When the lights go out, they will ring your doorbell. If you are not home, they proceed with the repair. If there is a locked gate, they will unbolt the hinges and set it aside.

Lots of people in the next subdivision got a surprise when the underground hydro lines had to be replaced. A lot of fences, hedges and other outdoor equipment installed on the easements over the years had to moved.
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