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I'm trying to find a place to get some steam oil in north east PA

I called every hobby shop in my area and the conversation goes something like this

Me: hi I’m looking for some steam oil for a live steamer

Store: do you mean smoke oil? We have that

Me; no steam oil, the oil used in live steam models. You know the ones you actually put water in and light a fire??

Store: oh let me check (puts me on hold)

Store: no we don’t have anything like that

Me: do you anyone that stocks accucraft or wilesco products??

Store: sorry no I can’t help you there

Heck I was even thinking of running down to Steamtown historic site with a mason jar and ask if I can buy a quart from them,

They obviously have it for their 1to1 scale models ha ha ha ha


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Been happily using Green Velvet for a while now. Prices and shipping cost are reasonable, and you won't need a drum of the stuff. My single quart is lasting nicely; a pint would've been enough.

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