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Done NOTHING down stairs. Far to busy at work and building and wiring 18 G scale modules (Del Oro Pacific type) and scenery on 12 Free-Mo type HO modules. That and travelling around the West for Rider games. :cool:

Still, I've cleaned up and simplified www.wvrr.ca so it's a little more colourful and nicer to look at (IMHO) so that will do until September. I should have the 'overview' photos selected by then.


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Well at least you are having better luck with your web space provider than I am at the moment... We are connected to Virgin Media and they have recently updated all their servers. BUT what the fools did was to lock any directory against any modification, set them all to READ ONLY, copied that to the new server and restored. BUT, they now have the problem that there are now THOUSANDS of people who cannot update any part of their web space.

I am told (unofficially) that they are having to manually set all the permissions...


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