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Last weekend, we held the annual "Summer Run" on Ken Molchanow's RGS - South Jersey Division in his back yard near Williamstown in (where else?) southern New Jersey. Roger Cutter, Geoff Ringlé, Ken and I were among the several Fn3 (1:20.3 scale) operators who showed up for a pleasant day of running narrow gauge equipment of all sorts.

To make a good day even better, Ken treated us to pizza 'n' soda pop for lunch.

Here's Roger helping Ken by pushing his north-bound freight drag up a grade.

They made it successfully to the top of the high trestle, where No. 499 dropped off.

Here's my "varnish" south-bound a little later on the same trestle.

Not to be outdone, Roger followed up with his new Mason Bogie with a true DSP&P consist shortly thereafter - looking mighty spiffy!

Last, but certainly not least, the "big wigs" took a tour of the line in my inspection engine - No. 87, the "Columbus".

I had a little fun with my hand-held camera, set on "movie", just to see if it worked.

I'm glad you all could share our enjoyment at the annual RGS SJD "Summer Run".

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As usual looks like fun was had by all. Ken's layout is always fun to run on. Thanks for sharing the pics and video...I couldn't make it as I was out in the hills of VA doing a Century ride! See you at the next meet I'm sure.

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