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I had to change the bottom of my layout, I took the fines out, and if you notice I will lay down the flat rocks, then I will lay a conveyor belt( ¾ in thick) on top of the rocks, then I will build towers from cedar fencing strips I cut up. I have a fencing company that I get all kinds of cedar from. On top of the towers (they wont be very high, maybe 8-12 in at the tallest) I will run cedar 1 in strips between towers to hold up the tracks, its to level out the grade which is very steep. I wanted to make the bottom of my layout a little different, when I raise the track through the tunnel I will close the openings so it looks better, I have read a lot of posts about keeping the wood above ground, and this works for me, everything I get is free, which fits my budget.

What to do with all that cedar fencing I got, got about 50 pieces, not used yet, since I had to find a place for the fines, I thought I would use it for the base for my buildings, and a road, all I had to do was rip the boards to 2.5 in, and nail them together, and to extend my path a little, I will lay down weed blocker and fill the wood base with fines, and put decorative rock around everything

This will be my Industrial area, I have another base to put in and maybe another.

This is my first thing I did, this will be my fuel depot, just have to glue and paint my tanks and letter them and put it in the base, because I had grey fence stain it worked real well to look like it was surrounded by concrete, so it looked like containment walls.

I have to lay my wire down and put my rocks down, will take more pics after I lay everything out, already made more roadbed and another base, just waiting for the 1st coat so I can put on another one.

Sorry for the long post!
Tom h
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