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I have this great back yard. It's huge. It's relatively private. It's a bit sloped, but nothing that couldn't be overcome.

I'd love to have 4,000 feet of track out there and tiered loops... and all kinds of other wonderful things.

On the other hand, I'm not a millionaire, and here it's over 90 degrees for about six months out of the year.... and can be cold for about three.

As such, my 200 feet of railroad in the air conditioned/heated/security system protected basement is STILL a lot of fun. The deer stay out, and the mice are small enough to be taken care of by the snowplow on #45 ... and rain or shine it makes for a good day railroading. Of course, elbow room is at something of a premium... but I still have five foot curves and #6 switches, so I'm not limited to tiny equipment either.

I might get an outdoor contingent someday ... but even then I'll STILL have railroad inside.

And, I'm "only" 40 ... with no major malfuctions except my size, so it's a pretty safe bet I chose this route.

Matthew (OV)
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