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Edit Update: Nope I was wrong there just some forums that even if I've created a new topic and/or made a reply to an existing one I get no subscribe check box at forum or the topic level. The forum that I tried was 'Track Trestles an Bridges' don't know

Just checked things out, here's what I found if I've posted anything to a given forum then I'll see the check box regardless of whether I've posted anything to that specific topic. However if I have made no posting in that forum (i.e. Add new topic or reply to an existing one) I don't get the check box displayed any where in that forum.

The above holds true both at the forum level and at the topic level within that forum.

You might try the following...

Light Grey tool bar in upper part of web page, on the right side you should see a 'My Profile' option click it

[*]On the Profile tab down in the lower-left you'll see 'Edit Profile' click the link. [*]After screen displays scroll down to the second section. [*]There you'll find a check box. [*]Subscribe to topics [/list] [*]And a drop down list 'Subscription Type' [*]Instant [*]Daily Summary [*]Weekly Summary [/list] [/list]

See if that will fix your problem
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