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Subjects for scratch build

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I just picked up a cool book on the history of the NKP railway line, and while flipping through the pages came across a rather unusual design. Known as the Fontaine #2, this was shown to be a reason to stay in school, also shows what the engineers that got a C in physics do. Seriously this guy must have been a keen salesman to convince someone to put up the capitol for the project.

In researching this (and I do think it would make a great conversation piece) I came across this page which has a healthy selection of engines which would certainly turn heads at a steamup.


Makes me want to grab the torch and see what I can do with a 4-4-0 .
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this is a well known WEB site. It also shows a loco with oscillating cylinders, making Mamod owners happy. In fact, I had disguised the cylinders of my ancient Mamod. After I saw the photo the covers came off!
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