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2 issues I'm having on a few PCs using IE and firefox.

1) I get java script errors on the fancy editor. The smaller quick reply screen works, but the larger editor normally does not. Sometimes (like now) if I refresh several times, it will finally come up, but doesn't fully function. I get javascript errors so the rich text editor in the "Body" section is blank.
Line: 4
Char: 3676
Error: element 'CE_dnn_ctr389_NTForums_ntforums_post_txtEditor_ctl03_ID_Frame not found
Code: 0

2) Also, a lot of pictures that people post as images from there 1st class space are coming up blank for mre lately. No red X, just blank. And it seems if I post them the way it works for me, others can't see them. For example, this does not work for me but seems to be in many of the new posts:
Example Post: http://www.mylargescale.com/Community/Forums/tabid/56/forumid/8/postid/68714/view/topic/Default.aspx
Image source: http://www.mylargescale.com/1stclass/Kovacjr/Dougs%20Masters/122208%20011.jpg

However, using the subdomain does work: http://gold.mylargescale.com/Kovacjr/Dougs%20Masters/122208%20011.jpg
or: http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/Kovacjr/Dougs%20Masters/122208%20011.jpg

I cleared cookies and such, but no luck on 3 different PCs on both issues.


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Ain't cornphewters wunnerful?

I can't post to the Trains Magazine site and have not figured out why yet... I get "Permission Denied" several times and then it shows that I responded, but all my text is gone producing an empty posting.

But, MLS works fine as do all the other sites I regularly visit.

Remember, computers are neither smart nor dumb...

They are just plain MEAN!
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