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Stupid Question...

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...will Marklin "Gauge 1" run on G scale track? Are they pretty much the same?


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Also: I know "standard" Marklin HO (not HAMO) runs on AC, while their Z scale is DC; that type does their Gauge 1 run on?

When Märklin re-introduced Gauge 1 in 1969 they made these trains for AC running (like their H0 trains). Soon they also made these trains available for DC and later they were switchable. Nowadays all Märklin Gauge 1 trains are DCC.
Märklin Gauge 1 trains cannot run on the smaller radius sometimes used with G, the minimum radius is 60 cm; most larger Märklin locomotives need a radius of 102 cm. Märklin will run on any rail with a gauge of 45 mm, whether it is called G scale or not.
There really are not any 'stupid' questions here, just questions.
Gauge 1 track has a spacing of 45mm, which is what so called G scale also runs on, so your answer is yes, whatever the 'scale' of a model, if it is designed to run on 45mm track, then it will!
Fred has beaten me to your other question, which he is better equipped to answer.
David Leech, Canada
longer ago i read something about Maerklin-Maxi having smaller flanges on the wheels than LGB.
it was said, that this caused Maxi wagons to "fall" into the frogs of LGB turnouts.
it was said, that this caused Maxi wagons to "fall" into the frogs of LGB turnouts.
True, and also true of other slightly more finescale models. However, they should just 'bump' over the frog without derailing.
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