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Borracho Dispatch, March 3, 1937

Well seams a couple of ol' prospecters come across this up in the back hills of Borracho, also seams no one can figure out how it got out in the middle of a stinkin desert! Worse off no one seams to know who made or what it is. From the looks or her shes been their for a few years, maybe decades. 

One of the school kids said its a rocketship from Mars, till someone pointed out the propeller. The Mayor of Borracho suggested it was a newfangled Holland Navy Submarine that the Navy musta "abandoned", huh?  Why the heck was it abandoned in the middle of the desert? We contacted the Navy via telephone, the person on the other end told us we maust been drunk, The Smithy and the Sheriff finally got her opened, found only enough room for 2 people inside, and the logbook, most of the pages were missing or was writtten in a code of some sort but they did find a single sentance in the notebook in English written by a certain Sgt Pepper, it said, "Test run of 1/4 scale prototype succesfull, ready to commence full scale construction" Their was some other references to a "sea of holes" that none of us here could understand. Another school kid said that to get where it was, it musta flown their! Utter Rubbish! we all know submarines cant fly!

Well anyway here she it all loaded waiting to be chained down and shipped to the Poindexters at the Navy H.Q. in Anapolis, Maryland, least thats where they say their shipping her. Yeap, they finally stood up and took notice after we wired them a couple of photo's, seems the British Navy is also very interested for some durn reason.

Heres another closer view

Well thats the latest news from Borracho.

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A friend at the Underwater Sound Lab used to tell of a shipment of gear winding up at an outpost in the Sahara. No body there would take responsibility for shipping it out. The Navy had to send someone to fetch it.
Could be you've stumbled on a similar SNAFU.

Harvey C.

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In the town where I was born
Lived a man who sailed to sea
And he told us of his life
In the land of submarines
So we sailed up to the sun
Till we found a sea of green
And we lived beneath the waves
in our yellow submarine

We all live in a yellow submarine ...

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Uh oh Victor;

Looks like your lads found TOC's stash!  He was trying to keep it quiet until he hoarded enough batteries to take it on a 48 hour dive.  It's really pristine under the weathering job he gave it so's it wouldn't be noticed.  Better put it back before the lads get run-over by a flat-headed Ford!

Cool job on the once-yellow submarine.

David Meashey
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