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Last night Ms Rocky and I returned from a extended weekend weekend up in the land of Peach.
This AM I downloaded my E-mail including a notice from Quantum view (UPS) that a Lionel Atlantic
I had won on Evil bay was delivered on Monday afternoon while we were gone.
We had our neighbor watching the place and he was bringing in the mail, etc. I had talked with
him at lunch time and he had not seen a box delivered that would be that size, just a small one
left by the post office in the door. He always checks the mail by dinner time. Sooooo, it appears
that my loco has been STOLEN !!! UPS says the box was delived at 1:30 PM on Monday, but
was never seen by my neighbor at dinner time 5 PM on Monday.

It is always possible that the box was delivered to the wrong address (Let us hope so)
and will be re-delivered or brought over by that resident. But for now it is a mystery of
what has happened to my loco
So much for my christmas present to myself this year.

As I said, maybe it will appear yet. Stranger things have been known to have happened

I have had things delivered both USPS and UPS coming late in the afternoon when Deb and
I have left for a game only to come home and found them sitting on the front porch.
But this is the first item to "dissappear" with no reason.

Let's all hope the loco comes in

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Keep the faith maybe it will show up if not good luck with a claim with ups. They are not easy to deal with.
Judging from what I've seen on the local news here in So. Cal. that's not an unusual occurence. People have been stealing packages from front porches for a while now. I think someone mentioned it a few weeks ago on this forum too. Sorry to hear you were a victim Rocky. For what it's worth, Happy New Year.
I have a real problem with UPS and Fed Ex leaving packages on the front porch! At least the post office leaves a note saying they tried to deliver it but you weren't home! Who's to say that UPS or Fed EX delivered it to the right house??!! I've had neighbors tell me that packages for me were left on their doorstep!! My bet is that this is what happened to you. At least I hope so...
Got an idea... Next time you get a box, take the stuff out, refill it with dog doo, tape it shut and leave it sit where the UPS dude leaves stuff... should be the LAST box they lift off you.
I had an upstairs neighbor that went to work before I got up. He would take my newspaper each morning before I got to it and I would have to call the newspaper to have it redelivered. The carrier started putting the paper in a bag and tying it to my apartment doorknob. That didn't stop the guy upstairs!

I started to be sure I got up by the time the carrier delivered the paper and I would get it, replace it with a paper from a month or so ago, and I interspersed 8.5x11 sheets of papers between the pages that I printed that said.


It took THREE days, but it finally worked and he stopped stealing my newspaper and I could sleep in.

Aren't UPS deliveries automatically insured? Have ya called the seller and told him what happened? Did you file a police report? Does UPS know it was stolen?
One more thing...you can buy a fake security camera for around $25 and put it up over the area where your packages are left....like this one, it even has a blinking LED to make it look on.

There's a bunch on eBay for sale...and at Harbor Freight as well.
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Well folks ....
It was stolen, kinda

Our other neighbor was leaving for work on Monday and saw the boxes, (yes, there was 2 boxes) and she
put them in her condo and forgot(she says) to leave a note to let us know. Strange, she knows that our
other neighbor watches our place, bring in the mail, turn on and off the porch light, etc.
So she tried to call us while we were getting ready to go out to dinner, but we saw her and went to say hi,
then she told us to come in and get our boxes. We did thank her, but asked that if she did that again, to
please let us know.

In the end, all is well and the loco AND my GN Rodgers set is now safely in our livingroom

For awhile, it didn't look too good being with all the crime we've had lately

I am happy now

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I had a roomate once in college that was expecting a VCR to be delivered from his house in GA. It did not come at first as he went to UPS and had it delivered to his house (wrong to address, he was an Industrial Technology/Systems major......?).

Then, when dad sent it up to Ohio for real, it came by UPS and I got it. I also got from another guy down the hall that worked for Big Brown some of those "you were not here" labels. So I put that it was left at another room, and on that room, I put that the package was left in another room, and when he got there, another room....and so on, and so on...

Not the first or last time I got called an *******....even in that hall (the next one involved an indoor bicycle race involving beer at about 2:00 AM).....

The parcel guys are great here, they just leave it in one of the cars and lock the doors........
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In my last job, we had two different packages chewed up by dogs. We had one shippment reported missing. When UPS checked the log, the driver had entered that he left the package on the garbage can. Guess what day it was?
Glad you retrieved your packages Rocky..
Yep, I'm happy

So today I'm watching the outdoor NHL hockey classic, doin' a bit of laundry and now working on converting these two Aristo 2 axle GN cars to 2 truck 4 axle cars complete with cut down LGB frames, USAT trucks and Kadee couplers. This is a nice relaxing hobby

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Posted By GN_Rocky on 01/01/2009 1:19 PM

So today I'm watching the outdoor NHL hockey classic,

Who's playing?
Chicago and Detroit at Wrigley field.
Chicago was up 3-1 at the end of the 1st period,
but Detroit scored 5 unanswered goals.
Final Detroit 6 Chicago 4

Rocky [/b]
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