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Still looking...

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I'm still looking for photos for the 2009 Calendar.. Please send me your submissions ASAP!!!!
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If you've posted this before, I must have missed it. What are the rules, restrictions, and requirements?
If you think you have a photo that is calendar worthy, email it to me.. It's gotta be right off your camera and not resized in any way. It needs to be high resolution.
I can't remember if I sent one or two way back, but oh/well...

Matter of fact , I think Shad needs to plan to be here next summer for the photo.
I've got one I'd like to send you. What's your email address? Using the "send email" link in your profile, there's no way to attach the photo.
shadstrains at mylargescale.com will do.. Thanks..

I'm sure you could use webmaster (at) mylargescale.com.

Not sure if I have any calendar worthy, but I'll look.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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