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Today I had the pleasure of attending RR Days at Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, NH. For those who don't know the Clark family, the Trading Post is an unabashed Roadside Attraction of the old school. They've been exhibiting trained bears for almost sixty years, and running steam trains into 'Wolfman Territory' for 50 years now. An interesting amalgam of museum and amusement park has grown up around the bears and trains. It's all very worth seeing.
Under the kitsch, however, someone in the Clark family loves the railroads. The Clarks were uniquely positioned to save steam locomotives when the local logging operations went bust. Their regular passenger service is pulled (pushed, actually) by a restored Climax. Once a year they bring out all of the toys and play with them for a weekend.
It reminded me very much of one of our garden-scale steamups. All of the available engines were running, some with unusual trains, in an intricate ballet. There seemed to be always something moving. The Climax double-headed with a restored Heisler; the Baldwin pushed a set of disconnects around, the Porter ran a small work/passenger car up and down the riverbank, and the REO railbus made as many runs as possible.
All while the steam roller chugged back and forth on the dirt road.
Enjoy the photos; I know I met one other MLSer there who may have some more to share.

BTW, the Baldwin is x-East Branch and Lincoln, the Shay is x-Beebe River, the railbus is x-B&M, and I don't remember the provenance of the other motive power.
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