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Another fine day of steam trains and friends. Today we had two new attendees, Bob Root and Alan Redeker. Always good to see everyone. Along with them we had about 8 people total. For only a few frieds we had more trains then could be run in one day.

2 Accucraft C-16s
NCNG 4-4-0
Roundhouse Dargeling
Roundhouse Sandy River #24
Regner Compound 0-4-4-0
Argyle Philadelphia
Argyle Sandy River #10
LBSC 2-6-2 Coal Fired
Aster B-1
Aster S2
Aster Mikado Southern and a new undec black.

And here is what you all want to see!!!

So Dave....I hope this does not void the warranty....Ryan blew down the boiler with the tank heater. She ran like a champ though

Don't worry the tank was empty /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/tongue2.gif

And the re-bushed re-pinned 440....nice tight bushings on all points and it still is able to track well and have suspension movement. ;) After a retiming it runs 100% better than out of the box. I havent seen tight bushings like that since high school. :D

Here is Alan's SPC C-16, Dan's C16 is trailing behind as a pusher.

Ain't she a beauty. Sorry Sabrina I know ain't, aint a word. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/laugh.gif

Is that dirt or is that weathering?

And of course the B-1 pulling the fruit express.

Wow its Bob Root!!! And Stan too... Glad you could make it Bob.

I finally caught Bob steaming!

A very good issue of the Cabfoward. Great Runner with minor timing changes only.

I also finally got the K28 mechanically back to working order. More on a the old post in the LS Forum though.

The Bednarik's Southern Mikado and a string of J&M's

Here is Bob's litle compound Regner, what a sweet runner she was.

Here is Dan's S2 making the rounds

Stan's Argyle SandyRiver #10 all ready for a string of correct cars that were forgot at home. Their Debut next week at Ron's meet.

Some weird animals in my cars......

Just a few locos wedged into the steambay

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Thanks for posting the pictures --- and many thanks to Dan for hosting the event. What a fantastic venue!

It was also great to see Ryan and Jeff for the first time since NSS in Sacto, and to see hands-on that the engines all made it back to the east coast in good shape.

Best regards,


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Those were some wonderful photos. I especially liked the Fruit Express. All I could think of was licking those tomatoes, and sprinkling them with salt and pepper, then popping them in my mouth. Our tomatoes are about two weeks away. I can wait until then. And then again, it never hurts to see an S2 or Cab Forward.

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Posted By Chris Scott on 08/18/2008 5:50 PM

Posted By Kovacjr on 08/18/2008 6:50 PM
Chris does this mean you have no comment????? or am awe struck?

I just got to the end of what I was going to say sooner than I thought. Will Rogers once said (paraphrase(?)), "...never miss a chance to shut up." :cool:

Nice pics!
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