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Another beautiful day in Houston
Started off around 45Degrees and ended up around 60. I ran the S-2, Dave Young his coal fired SRRLand , ----- I forgot the name. Im sorry, anyway he was running his AML 0-6-0
with a couple of my Aristo Heavtweights.Lando Reynolds has the 0-6-0

We think I may need to replace the wicks in the S-2. She steams up real quick but will not hold her steam when I put some more cars behind her.
Host said the flames had a little too much yellow glow , so he gave me some of his wick material. Awaiting some instruction from Jeff as to what i need to do to get to the wcks.

Anybody had any experience with the S-2 they would like to share. I know she will run forever , but just needs alittle TLC.
A sort video of the s-2/SRRL and the AML 0-6-0
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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